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Custom touch screen displays are used in a wide variety of devices for ease of use, precision, market appeal, and many other compelling reasons. From agricultural equipment to the operating room, Touch International’s custom touch screens and displays can take your devices and designs to the next level. We design and manufacturer touch screen displays that provided cutting edge performance and reliability in the most strenuous environments.  From low-cost resistive technology to bezel-free, seamless, fully-integrated projected capacitive touch screens embedded into scratch and fingerprint resistant decorated cover lens with graphic.  We are the touch screen problem solver.

In addition to touch panels, we supply touch screen and display customers with a full array of display enhancements such as sunlight readability for conditions with high ambient lighting including direct sunlight, EMI shielding to meet strict regulations like military and medical applications, and much more.  We can you help find the right LCD to meet your needs, and provide custom touch solutions that are very cost effective thanks to our vertical manufacturing capabilities.  We use a combination of the latest in passive optical film enhancement technology combined with the highest-performance LED back lights available.

Touch International can develop lightweight solutions for handheld devices or heavy-duty, wear-resistant, shielded devices for industrial or agricultural equipment and more.  We have full optical bonding capabilities to complete the package and maximize display optics and durability.  We are ISO:9001, ISO:13485, and AS9100 Certified with Class 10,000 clean rooms in the USA and Asia.  We have decades of combined experience developing complete touch screen display solutions and know what it takes to produce a successful product.  Our ITAR registered corporate headquarters is located in Austin, TX and our vertically integrated manufacturing facility is located in Shenzhen, China for high volume, low-cost manufacturing and strategic sourcing.

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Test drive high-quality touch screen technology without the high cost.  Our demo kits are low-cost, feature-packed, turn-key modules that include a projected capacitive touch screen optically bonded to a sunlight-readable LCD, touch controller, video board, cables, power supply, and testing software.

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Austin, Texas

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Shenzhen, China

Vertically Integrated Facility
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