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Do I need to consider integrating multi-touch into the next generation of my touch products? – Joe Kennedy, New Mexico

Dear Joe: Touch guy recalls, as a young lad, seeing the brand new and largely passenger free 747’s landing at LAX — this was called the Judas Goat phenomena because no self-respecting airline would be without the behemoth, even though they hardly had enough money to buy one and there was not enough passengers to […]

How should I pick a touch screen company? – Confused in Schenectady

Dear Confused: Touch Guy is honored that you would pick him to say anything other than, “the only name you need to know is Touch International!” And Touch Guy will admit, after reflecting upon your question, coming up with an answer was daunting. There are more than 100, possibly as many as 200 touch screen […]

Do I have to use special software to use my touch screen? – Sandy Claws

Dear Sandy: Wanting to keep things simple, Touch Guy’s answer is “No and Maybe” (this is my new alternate answer to the usual, ‘It depends’). For those of you using a USB-connected system, the touch screen will look like a mouse to your software and because virtually all software works with a mouse, nothing is […]

What adhesives do you recommend for bonding the touch screen to the LCD? – Scott

Dear Scott: Touch Guy could simply say to use any VHB adhesive (VHB stands for very high bond), most commonly 3M 4956 mm, but it is not his style to be anything less than verbose. Touch Guy is usually not negative either, but he needs to be this time. There are two big no-no’s… neoprene […]

Can I hurt a touch screen by touching it? – Ben Harris, Cucamonga, CA

Ah Ben, the question we Touch guys have always feared. I assume your question is akin to asking, “Does it hurt a tire if you use it on the road?” However, I think what you really mean is, “Does touching the screen wear it out”? Well in the early days of touch (1970’s), some touch […]