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Decoding Touch Technology Whitepaper – Get all the Info on Touch Technology!

After much researching, writing, and rewriting, Touch International has released its whitepaper, Decoding Touch Technology: An Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Right Touch for Your Display. Identifying key differences between the top ten touch technologies, Decoding Touch Technology answers questions like “Why should I choose this technology?” and “How does it work?” The whitepaper compares projected capacitive, […]

Q&A Session with Mil/Aero Sales Engineer James Hunt

What excites you most about diving into touch screen manufacturing? The touch screen industry itself is exciting because one can relate to the various applications in everyday life. Almost everywhere we go we encounter touch screens — supermarket, bank, doctor’s office, casinos, airport – the list is virtually endless. In terms of touch screen manufacturing, […]

Touchscreens: What’s the latest in the touch screen market?

Curious about what’s happening with touch technology? A lot, as it turns out. If you’ve been in the touch industry for any length of time, you know that there is NO perfect touch technology, so it’s important to evaluate the application requirements and understand the strengths and limitations of the technologies in question. Touch International […]