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I am interested in creating a device with contains a multi-touch capacitive screen with many curves and bends. I am wondering if this is possible, and what the potential price range might be.

Dear Mr. Curve-A-Lot. Needless to say, you have Touch Guy’s curiosity aroused as to what you would do with this curvy-bendy-multi-touch touch-screen. Also, he wants to make sure you need this to be transparent because that drives the touch sensing technology and ultimately the cost…..and do you need proximity sensing as well? In the antediluvian […]

I am in need of an oddly-shaped, custom projected capacitive multi-touch display that is waterproof, able to work with varying pressure, and provides maximum velocity for input acquisition and transmission to controller. The dimensions of the sensor need to be 460mm long and the widths need to be 42mm and 58mm respectively; the boarder must be narrow at 1-2mm (maybe made of plastic or aluminum). It is also important that the electronics work with Linux.

I have made mention of how we propeller-heads love the challenges you crazy design engineers give us. But, as exotic requests go, you have thrown us a soft ball. In the old days of resistive and surface capacitive, we have made Cartesian touch sensors that were circular, triangular, spherical, and even a hexagon or two. So your […]

We are designing for an application where the customer needs to touch more than one touch screen simultaneously. We want to use projected capacitive for its scratch resistance but are not sure how to manage the interference problem when two screens are touched at the same time. Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Hey Keith C., Two-timing touch on multiple displays is an old surface capacitive problem with a complicated solution. I am assuming you are using the same computer running a multi-display solution under windows. By now you know that multi-touch electronics send information to the multi-touch driver which converts it to the equivalent of multiple mice […]