Touch International is a full service touch screen display solutions center, designing and manufacturing custom touch screens and touch screen components. We also specialize in display enhancements for touch screens and LCDs, and often use enhancements to conquer environmental challenges, ensuring that our display solutions meet or exceed the requirements for your application.

Because we employ a staff with diverse and extensive touch screen experience, Touch International can ensure the success of your touch project from design to implementation. For more in-depth information, please read our white paper on Filters and Other Touch Screen Enhancements or download our Custom Touch Solutions datasheet.

Design your project today with our Custom Product Design Specification form.

Projected Capacitive

Touch International designs and manufactures standard and custom MulTI-Touch, ExtremeTouch and Digital Switch projected capacitive touch screen products for a wide variety of industries and applications including military, medical, aerospace and industrial. Whether our touch screens are used in touch enabled military land navigation systems, cockpit instruments, ATMs or handheld medical devices, Touch International’s projected capacitive touch technologies deliver outstanding optics, quick response times and unmatched durability.


As pioneers in touch screen engineering and manufacturing, Touch International designs and manufactures 4-wire, 5-wire, 8-wire and multi-touch resistive touch screen products for a wide variety of industries including medical, aerospace, industrial and retail. For projects requiring low cost, pressure sensing touch screens with low power draw, Touch International’s resistive touch screens deliver unparalleled value and flexibility in construction, design and performance.

Surface Capacitive

Touch International’s surface capacitive touch technology offers durability and environmental robustness. Proven to meet the harsh demands found in high traffic, vandal prone access sectors, Touch International’s large format, curved and flat touch screens are ideal for graphic driven applications, such as gaming, ATMs and banking.

Demo Kits

Giving OEMs and system integrators the freedom to select the features they need to optimize their specialty touch screen displays through the MulTI-Touch and MARS product lines, the Touch International Developer Kits are a smart way for system engineers to test-drive each technology and streamline the product development process. Developer Kits let you obtain a better grasp for the touch screen performance, and also begin software development and system testing.