Touch Display Enhancements

Touch International’s display enhancement products improve optical performance, mechanical durability, thermal operating ranges and EMI/RFI emissions in touch screens, LCDs and other electronic displays. Our enhancement solutions allow displays to perform in demanding applications and environments, such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and military environments.

Whether your project requires increased durability, advanced functionality or impact resistance, our display enhancements can be manufactured to meet your exact specifications. Talk to a Touch International sales rep today about advanced enhancement solutions for your unique project needs.

Touch International offers a variety of other enhancements to the display community. These include enhancement of the luminance and/or contrast to the display and improving the environmental performance of the display. Furthermore, many of these enhancements can be optically bonded to the face of the display, resulting in a significant performance increases.

In addition to our wide array of display enhancement solutions we are experts in optical bonding. With optical bonding you can improve contrast and readability as well as reduce internal reflections. Bonded displays have many other advantages including increased shock and vibration tolerance which is crucial when it comes to stringent material specifications such as compliance with MIL-STD-810F.

We have an ISO 9001 certified facility, a class 10,000 clean room, and an extensive in-house optical characterization laboratory. We understand the challenges and possiblities of combining a myriad of materials to meet your specific product goals. Let us help you fight the battle with our extensive touch screen and display enhancement experience. Together we can meet or exceed your goals in a cost effective solution.

Top 5 Reasons for Display Enhancements

  • Stringent Industry Standards

  • FCC/FAA/FDA/MIL Compliance

  • Environmental Variables

  • Optical Enhancement

  • Anti-Vandalism