Transparent Heaters for Extended LCD Temperature Performance

Transparent Heaters

Transparent LCD heaters from Touch International expand the operating temperatures of flat panel displays and backlights, improving display performance at low operating temperatures. Transparent heaters are optically clear (very high transitivity) allowing them to be easily combined with other coatings and filters. Touch International’s vertically integrated manufacturing facilities are capable of producing and integrating transparent heaters for touch screen displays and stand-alone LCD applications.

  • Optically Clear
  • Glass or Plastic
  • Ruggedized Design Options
  • ITAR Compliance Available

Further Enhance with Infrared Filters and Hot Mirrors

Touch International’s infrared filter works to reduce display heat and rejects 60% of solar energy. We also offer an all-glass hot mirror which rejects 90% of solar energy. Our heat rejection filters and hot mirrors are used in outdoor/ high-temperature areas and can be laminated to glass, acrylic or polycarbonate.

Touch International’s heat rejecting, IR blocking filter and hot mirror, protects displays from damage caused by extreme atmospheric conditions, preventing LCD clearing or blackout. This can be critical in sunlight readable applications that will be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. As the operating temperature of the LCD in your device approaches it’s peak, displays will lighten up, bleach out, or go dark. In some cases, the liquid material in a standard LCD can be crystallized causing permanent damage and cutting product life. This is often overlooked by engineers new to touch display products.