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Thermal Management for Touch Screen Displays

It’s Hot Y’all:  A Texan’s Guide to Thermal Management for Touch Screen Displays We lost count of how many days it was over 100 degrees here in Austin, Texas this July.  We can tell you that Accuweather lists the “Actual Temp” of this past Saturday as 107 degrees.  Yep, that’s hot.  We’re often tasked with […]

Self-healing Films

Touch Screen Devices Heal Like Living Organisms? Touch screen devices with self-healing capabilities may become the new standard in the near future.  Who wouldn’t want a phone or tablet that could heal itself?  Seems like magic. Well, it’s not magic nor is it new technology, but it is not yet common. Self-healing films are considered […]

The Evolution of Touch Screen Cover Glass

Necessity is the mother of invention.  It is rumored that the first version of the Apple iPhone™ had a plastic cover made from the same material used in touch panels for decades.  However, after a few weeks in the jeans pocket of Steve Jobs, the touch screen was so badly scratched (possibly from other pocket […]