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LCD Display Product Lifecycle

TECH TALK:  DISPLAY (LCD) PRODUCT LIFE by Shaun Detmer, Director of Marketing I have a project coming up that needs a touch display.  We know it will use a custom capacitive sensor, and we know the project will need to be in production for 5-7 years, with 3-5 year replacements and repairs.  What’s troubling for […]

What are the differences (if any) in anti-reflective, anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, and anti-glare?? Every piece of information I find ends up as a sales pitch. Can you clarify things for me?

Touch guy thought that the new fad of taking and sharing selfies meant everyone wanted to see themselves (a lot), so he wonders why there are so many requests for anti-reflective/anti-fingerprint films (AR/AF) on his products. He is so out-of-touch (haha). Ok, enough cracking myself up. What customers want when they ask for AR coatings […]

What is the difference between liquid optical bonding and dry optical bonding?

Touch Guy masters the art of optical bonding for touch screens. Learn everything about optical bonding: what it is, the 3 common ways to optical bond, what you need to know about your assembly, and more! Liquid Vs Dry Optical Bonding Process If you have any further questions,  be sure to Ask Touch Guy!