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Touch Technology for Military Applications:

An Insider’s Guide to Mil/Aero Touch Displays

For the military or aerospace engineer, the process of choosing the right touch technology becomes even more difficult. Not only must the touch screen perform well in controlled settings, but also in extreme environments with unknown variables ranging from vibration to noise to extreme temperatures. With touch screens finding their way into cockpits, MRAP vehicles, handheld navigation units, and countless other devices, it is absolutely critical that these displays perform 100 percent of the time.

So how do mil/aero manufacturers choose the right touch technology? Just like any other project, it is important to first carefully evaluate the needs of your product and the environment of the display. Once your key requirements have been identified, it becomes much easier to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each technology to find the touch screen that is right for your application. “Touch Technology for Military Applications” helps guide your touch project from the whiteboard to the front lines.

In This Whitepaper

  • Project Considerations
  • Technology Overview
  • Display Enhancements
  • Controlling Electromagnetic Interference
  • Optics Manipulation
  • Sunlight Readable and NVIS Displays

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