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Optical Bonding:

The King of All Enhancements

Optical bonding is the lamination of the LCD surface to a touchscreen overlay, optical filter, or other protective cover layer to eliminate the air gap. Bonding is done using materials such as silicone, urethane, and epoxy.

Touch International is a DuPont Vertak™ licensed bonding facility and uses the Vertak™ UV-curable adhesive in most applications. However, we are experienced and qualified to provide urethane and epoxy bonding as well. We pride ourselves in a high yield, quality controlled process that delivers products with exceptional fit and finish. What benefits can optical bonding provide?

Benefits Covered In this LitePaper

    • Improved Optics
    • Environmental Management
    • Impact Resistance
    • Vibration Resistance
    • Much More!

Questions Answered Include:

    • How can optical bonding help viewability?
    • How can bonding help my product in a rugged environment?
    • Can I combine bonding with other enhancements?
    • Is optical bonding good for my sunlight readable application?

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