Keeping the World in Touch

Since 2002, Touch International has been the premier provider of touchscreens and touch-enabled devices for high-reliability markets. From the beginning, our mission has been to ensure the quality and success of our customers’ end-use applications as we continue to be the most reliable supplier of touchscreen technologies. We take great pride in knowing that the technologies we engineer and manufacture are part of the systems and machines that keep the industries moving.

As experts in touch panel technology, display customization, and complete touch integrated solutions, we have led the way. Touch International began manufacturing resistive sensors, capacitive sensors, and glass filter products used in touch display windows and other touchscreen-enabled applications. Over the years, we have increased the scale of our vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities, expanding our portfolio to include display enhancements such as sunlight readability, night vision (NVIS), extended temperature, ruggedization, bezels, custom housing, and standard products. We will continue to lead and push for the highest-quality production and highest-standard technology.

Now, we celebrate 20 years of dedication to building and keeping long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Together we have achieved the advancement of touch technology through design and production excellence. Thank you for being a part of our touch technology journey, and we look forward to the future together and developing your next touch-enabled product.