Aerospace Program Reaches New Heights at Touch International

$100 million in multiple contracts awarded to Touch International from top aerospace integrators.

Austin, TX – September 17, 2013 – Touch screen manufacturer, Touch International announced today that it has recently been awarded multiple contracts in excess of $100 million to supply leading aerospace providers. The scope of work comprises both in-flight entertainment touch displays and touch screen interfaces for commercial airlines as well as private jets. Individual products include resistive and projected capacitive touch screens and enhanced displays with a variety of enhancements such as EMI shielding, privacy films, custom graphics, oleophobic coatings, non-flammable substrates and adhesives, and optical bonding.

With a wide range of customization options and a wealth of veteran expertise, Touch International’s aerospace program continues to partner with industry leaders for in-flight entertainment and controls. “These customer commitments further solidify us as the top manufacturer of aerospace touch screens and interactive displays,” says Chris Gasson, Touch International Aerospace Program Manager.“We were pioneers in developing specialized touch screens for commercial airplanes, and we have continued to adapt to the rapidly growing landscape. Nobody can offer as many custom touch screen and display enhancement options as us.”

Touch International’s first aerospace foray in 2002 was the introduction of the all-plastic, fourteen-layer, non-burning 4-wire resistive touch screen. The company was instrumental in expanding from basic touchscreen technology to iPhone and iPad-type projected capacitive technology bonded to enhanced LCD displays to provide the lightest weight, highest readability, and best user experiences, while still meeting strict requirements of Boeing, Airbus and other carriers. A challenge in the transition to multi-touch capacitive technology was the FAA flammability requirements. “Basically, we had to build a fire extinguisher into every unit,” explains Gasson. “Our products must self-extinguish when exposed to flame and will not put off toxic fumes or hold heat.” The company’s electrical engineering team also played a key role complying with Federal EMI suppression requirements through careful tuning of the touch screen controllers and implementation of low ohm shielding.

The Austin-based company’s aerospace program has grown to meet booming demand for highly customized interactive displays in the military and aerospace industries. All custom touch screens are developed and extensively tested in the Austin Research & Development facility to comply with strict FAA regulations as well as military specifications. “The airline industry has come to expect emphasized comfort and design, and is always looking at innovative ways passenger experience can be enhanced,” says Gasson. “We are excited to be part of the process, helping our customers to make history and continuing to change the experience of flying.”


About Touch International
Touch International is the leading manufacturer of specialty touch screens and display enhancement windows, and is the largest touch producer in North America. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company was founded in 2002 by Michael Woolstrum and long-time veteran, Gary Barrett, the company’s CTO. The company is world-renowned for its expertise in optically clear touch panels, EMI filter technologies, and custom touch screen designs for military, aerospace, medical, transportation and retail applications. Touch International was first to produce the Apple iPhone-type projected capacitive touch screen for business applications, and also builds resistive sensors and glass filter products used in touch screens, display windows, anti-reflective and anti-vandal filters.