Medical Touch Screen & Touch Display Solutions

Custom touch screens, touch displays, and touch-enabled device manufacturing for medical device applications

Medical touchscreen displays are often integrated into medical devices for ease of use, precision, clear optics, lightweight and minimal tooling. Whether it is integrated into a handheld control device or an LCD panel in the surgical room, Touch International’s custom touch screens improve patient care while meeting the stringent manufacturing regulations set by the medical industry. We design and manufacture touch screens that work with scalpels, pointing devices, gloved fingers and bare fingers to multi-touch, bezel-free, seamless, fully-integrated capacitive touch screens embedded into scratch and fingerprint resistant decorated cover lens with graphics. We are the complete medical touch screen display problem solver. 

We use a combination of the latest in passive optical film enhancement technology combined with the highest-performance LED backlights available. We can develop lightweight solutions for handheld devices or heavy-duty, wear-resistant, shielded devices for operating room equipment and more. We have full optical bonding capabilities to complete the package and maximize display optics and durability. We are ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 Certified with Class 10,000 clean rooms in the USA and Asia. We have decades of combined experience developing complete medical touch screen display solutions and know what it takes to produce a successful product.