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Every phone I have, I drop, and the screen breaks. Why don’t they make plastic touch screens? Sincerely, Tired of breaking my iPhone coverglass.

Yo! I am tired of breaking mine too (thank goodness I have my own touch screen factory to make a new one) Touch Guy has long said that he believes all projected capacitive (pcap) touch screens below 32 inch will be eventually be all plastic. As you may know from reading these responses, pcap has […]

I currently work in a warehouse where I come in contact with both Resistive and PCAP touch panels. I have heard that touch panels spread a lot of germs because they are used frequently and are not cleaned very often. I was just wondering, what would be the best solution to clean a touch panel? Can I use the same solution for both? Can I damage the screen by cleaning it or mess up the resolution? All I want is to be clean and germ free!

Dear Germaphobe, First off, everything will be ok! Being exposed to germs can be a good thing for keeping your immune system strong and healthy. With that being said, there are a number of ways to go about cleaning and disinfecting touch panels with very minor, if any repercussions. Resistive has one of the best […]

It’s me PRINCE. I just wanna know the difference between the gorilla glass and soda lime glass. Tell me which one is suitable for touch mobile phone’s smart shield?

Hey Prince: And I thought everyone in the touch screen business had read my white paper on glass! Let me summarize the salient points, even though none of us are worldly enough to know what a “smart shield” is. First, if your purpose is to protect the touch screen, glass is a better and more […]

Would an “iPad” type touch screen work in Antarctica?

Dear Mr. Abominable, You are not alone in the cold my friend. First, this “iPad” type touch screen you are referring to is using projected capacitive (PCAP) technology. Without diving into detail, a “touch” is sensed when you make contact with the screen, basically grounding out the circuit. That’s right, no matter what anyone has […]

Hey Touch Guy, I’m working on a sort of digital signage / kiosk type application that will hopefully be everywhere from hotel lobbies to office buildings. The plan is to start out around 32” and eventually grow to 60”. I’m thinking I want Projected Capacitive for the touch screens for all the usual reasons , but people are telling me optical touch is the way to go due to size. So who’s right and what’s the best? PCAP or optical? – The Sign Guy

Hey Sign Guy, The big ones, usually defined as over 32 inch LCD’s, have long been the domain of optical systems with an occasional sighting of an acoustic (external and internal noise generator) or surface capacitive sensor, as well as a smattering of the other touch technologies. Optical is defined as IR beam or corner […]