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Touch International Adds 3D Printing and Increased Laser Etching for Rapid Prototyping

New 3D printing and laser etching capacity help Touch International rapidly develop complete touch screen display solutions through rapid prototyping, shortening product development lifecycles, increased quality control, and an optimized supply chain. Austin, TX – October 29, 2015 – Touch International announced today that it has added 3D printing and increased laser etching capacities to […]

Projected Capacitive Borders

Wise Words from a Touch Screen Engineer By L. Gaulin — Rockstar Touchscreen Engineer Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Technology and Borders  With the advent and ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, projected capacitive (PCAP) touch sensors are becoming more prevalent every day. This prevalence is leading more and more product development teams to look […]

LCD Display Product Lifecycle

TECH TALK: DISPLAY (LCD) PRODUCT LIFE by Shaun Detmer, Director of Marketing I have a project coming up that needs a touch display. We know it will use a custom capacitive sensor, and we know the project will need to be in production for 5-7 years, with 3-5 year replacements and repairs. What’s troubling for […]