Custom Touchscreen Solutions

Touch International specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom touch solutions for diverse markets and applications. From the initial touchscreen design to its final assembly, Touch International has the skill and experience to make your specialty display a reality.

By providing a wide array of value-added services, including custom glass printing, LCD bonding, built-in display enhancements, and touchscreen integration, Touch International is able to reduce the time and money spent in production and ensure optimal display performance.

Some of our customers know exactly what technologies and options they want in their touchscreen. From the touch technology to the backer type, all the way down to the tail termination and pitch. If that suit fits you, please feel free to use the form below and select the options you need and a representative will follow up with you. If you would like our experts to help configure the best options for your project, contact the sales representative for your area and they will be happy to help ensure you get the exact touchscreen you’re looking for.

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