Touch International Unveils the Innovative ExtremeTouch

TI Brings iPhone Experience to Vertical Markets

Austin, TX – October 12, 2006 – The revolution has begun! Touch International is right in the middle of it. TI announced the release of ExtremeTouch, the newest projected capacitive touch screen. Touch International’s revolutionary new touch technology can transform any transparent surface into a functioning touch screen, giving the designer the flexibility to choose any first surface material, including a window storefront, tabletop, or bulletproof glass.

In partnership with DMC Co., Ltd., TI announces a new universal ExtremeTouch driver for capacitive USB touch screen systems. Historically, capacitive users have been locked into one manufacturer, because the software drivers only allow usage with the original company’s hardware.

“Incompatibilities with drivers have made it costly or nearly impossible to use another product,” says Michael Woolstrum, Touch International CEO. “In the past, changes to programs already in revenue production could not be easily changed (due to gaming regulations). Touch International has solved this problem with the new ExtremeTouch.”

In addition to the driver, TI has added 8.4″ (diagonal) ExtremeTouch to the product line, larger models are under development. With its palm rejection capabilities, ExtremeTouch eliminates accidental input from the pressure of the user’s knuckles or palm, ensuring accurate registration every time. Input methods range from active stylus (also known as digital ink), gloved hand, to finger. As part of the line of Ruggedized capacitive products, ExtremeTouch can be made with plastic, shock-proof, deflect vandalism, or incorporate AR filters. Applications for ExtremeTouch range from medical instrumentation and industrial controls, to retail signature capture, GPS, windows, storefronts, and personal digital assistants.

About Touch International
Touch International, headquartered in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2002 by Michael Woolstrum and long-time veteran, Gary Barrett, the company’s CTO. TI has become a world leader in touchscreen, EMI filter, and enhanced display technology. The company operates its engineering and design facility and corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas as well as a high volume production facility is located in Shenzhen, China.