Touch International Unleashes Enhanced Displays with Dramatic Performance

Custom Display Solutions Provide Sunlight Readability, Night Vision, and Extended Temperature Operation.

High Bright Touch Screen DisplaysAustin, TX – January 30, 2014 – Touch International (TI) announced the expansion of in-house capabilities and services to include enhanced displays. The company further expanded the DuPont display enhancement program by acquiring a team of display engineers for the company’s Austin, TX Design and Engineering center. TI now boasts an extensive library of displays that can be customized with sunlight readability, night vision, extended temperature operation and other features to complement their existing line up of custom touch screens, enhancement windows and value-add services. This places the company in a unique position as one of the only complete custom touch display solution providers in the world.

“Our objective is to make sure that we recommend the best display for every customer’s design and then we enhance the display to achieve all of our customer’s technical requirements” says Bill Linzmeier, TI’s VP of Business Development. “If our customer’s application requires sunlight readability, then we improve the display’s optical efficiency to maximize both the transmitted brightness and the reflected sunlight, so we can minimize the power consumption and the heat.”

Utilizing the latest in High Bright LED (HBLED) technology coupled with patent-pending LED drivers, TI’s enhanced displays provide improved efficiency and superior thermal management. TI’s custom LED backlights allow for open or short of one or more LEDs without affecting the rest of the LEDs in the rail, which is a must for mission critical applications. “By designing extremely thin flexible rails with super-bright LEDs, TI can make sunlight readable versions of most new displays that have very small borders which can be difficult to enhance,” says Linzmeier.

Displays are available with analog or digital wide-range dimming from 0-100% to allow comfortable viewing in any lighting condition and reduce unnecessary power draw. TI also offers dual mode operation, combining sunlight readability and night vision in a display for increased versatility demanded by military applications.

“Many of our customers have expressed concerns that standard displays are a weak link in their final product,” explains Michael Woolstrum, TI’s CEO. “We felt the addition of enhanced display solutions was a natural progression for the company to solidify our position as a global leader in the custom touch display market.”

TI is in the final testing stages for a custom 19” super-bright industrial display that features class-leading thermal operating range at a lower price than any 19” panels available on the market. The company is slated to make the panel commercially available to customers Q2 2014 and is currently accepting pre-orders for those who wish to design the display into their products.

For customers that wish to provide consigned displays, TI can create custom solutions using LCDs from the manufacturer of your choice (including Optrex, NEC, Sharp, Chi Mei, and more).

“We fully exercise our American and Asian supply chains to ensure our library contains the newest displays available at the lowest cost possible,” says Woolstrum. “Not only will this allow development of new products, this will simplify our customer’s supply chain. This is a real game changer for everyone involved.”

About Touch International
Touch International is the leading manufacturer of specialty touch screens and display enhancement windows, and is the largest touch manufacturer in North America. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company was founded in 2002 by Michael Woolstrum and long-time veteran, Gary Barrett, the company’s CTO. The company is world-renowned for its expertise in optically clear touch panels, EMI filter technologies, and custom touch screen designs for military, aerospace, medical, transportation and retail applications. Touch International was first to produce the iPhone-type projected capacitive touch screen for business applications, and also builds resistive sensors and glass filter products used in touch screens, display windows, anti-reflective and anti-vandal filters.