Buckle up, World. 2021 is coming in hot.

If you have a touch display or touch-enabled product on this year’s roadmap, it’s time to act!


The industry is experiencing an increase in display pricing driven by a global shortage of driver microcontrollers. Since the beginning of the stay-at-home economy, demand for electronic components found in notebooks, gaming machines, and other devices have exploded, causing strains on foundry capacity and raising manufacturing costs. Touch International and our IC partners are actively monitoring the situation and actively working to ease the associated costs. Industry experts, economists, and IC manufacturers have all indicated the increased pricing will remain, and possibly rise, as the demands of the pandemic continue to strain resources. Our direct relationships with display OEMs have never been more valuable, and we are grateful to be collaborating with all of them to find creative solutions to the LCD market’s unprecedented ongoing situation.

As a result of the changing market conditions, we are reviewing price and lead-time for all impacted components.  We have notified our existing customers of any potential increases, and we are working around the clock to ensure customers in the early phases of development are able to secure the LCDs they need to make it into production without inflating BOM costs.

If developing a touch display or touch-enabled product is on your 2021 roadmap, the time to start the process is now!

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