Customer Case Studies

Medical Device Manufacturer

Multi-use display integrated into various medical equipment in and out of operating and emergency rooms.

Medical equipment manufacturer brought us a complete display module. To simplify development and supply chain, the company used the same display component in four different finished products, two of which are used in operating rooms. The current display went EOL without much advance notice.

All of the final products were in full production, so they needed a solution fast. Since redesigning cabinets and components around a new display wasn’t an option, they required a display that fit mechanically. Since the products are used in operating rooms, the displays must retain the optical EMI filter to contain maintain EMI/RFI compliance.

Summary of issues to consider:

  1. Display must fit mechanically and have at least 350nits of brightness.
  2. Must maintain EMI shielding.
  3. Must fit active area of optical filter.
  4. Must meet target cost range.
  5. Must be compatible with existing board layout.
  6. Must be able to deal with super bright ambient lighting conditions.

TI’s display team was able to identify and source a 450nit display that was compatible with the active area of the optical filter, matched the outer mechanical dimensions tail location, and fit the right price point. Unfortunately, the display was slightly thicker than the existing cabinet would allow. To remedy the problem, TI’s mechanical engineering team quickly redesigned the optical filter using thinner glass. After producing rapid prototypes at the Austin, TX Design and Development center, testing verified the transmissivity was increased 8% and the overall stackup was identical to the original product design. The team then optically bonded the EMI filter to the display to increase picture quality and eliminate internal reflections in high ambient lighting conditions.

TI solution key feature overview:

  1. Identify and Source Display with matching specs, price, and increased brightness.
  2. Redesign EMI Filter to meet target stack height while increasing optical clarity.
  3. Optically Bond EMI filter to Display to eliminate internal reflections.

Through tactical sourcing, rapid prototyping, and thinking outside the box, TI was able to offer a fully customized, complete solution to an unavoidable and unexpected EOL that would have halted production. Instead, the new design provides improved performance and extended product life while maintaining the target price range.