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Haptic Response in Mobile Devices

Kicker Studio - Artificial Muscl e :Designing for Haptics

Kicker Studio – Artificial Muscle: Designing for Haptics

  • Provide a new way to interact with phones and network services that can be as powerful and useful as the sense of touch itself
  • Improve user performance (speed and accuracy) and reduce complication and stress
  • Increase user satisfaction – people prefer tactile feedback on their mobile phone interactions
  • Enhance the subscriber experience by making phones more intuitive and usable and services more satisfying
Haptic Feedback Chart

This chart shows that users indicated that with haptics, PDA use is less mentally and physically demanding, as well as less frustrating and annoying.

This is obviously a large topic and I’m running out of time to get this post up, but let me know what you think. Long live touch!