Touch International Releases New 4K 27″ Medical PCAP Touchscreen Open Frame Monitor

The latest design from TI’s OFX-Series further expands the company’s portfolio of customizable, plug-and-play touchscreen solutions.

Austin, Texas, March 2, 2023 – Touch International (TI), a leading global manufacturer of custom touchscreens and display enhancement solutions, has added a new 27-inch 4K medical open-frame monitor (OFM) to their OFX reference product line. The new solution combines TI’s latest projected-capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch sensor technology with an industrial-grade display enclosed in a bezel-free brushed aluminum housing. Medical OEMs, integrators, and product designers can use this turn-key touch display for easy prototyping in existing product designs, retrofits, and revisions for devices that require IEC 60601 / IEC 61010 certification or compliance.

“We continue our commitment to providing medical device manufacturers with class-leading solutions for IEC-compliant custom touchscreen integration.”

4K 27-inch Medical PCAP

The 27-inch medical touchscreen monitor features a 4K 3840×2160 high-resolution display with a wide viewing angle. The display supports 1.07B colors with a 10-bit (8bit+A-FRC) color depth and gamma correction. It operates at a 0° to + 50° C temperature range. The industrial-grade LCD features an incorporated edge-type backlight LED with 1000 cd/m2 brightness and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 for a low reflection and accurate image reproduction.

The 10-point PCAP multi-touch sensor uses the latest touch controller technology and is EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielded for IEC60601/IEC61010 medical compliance. The 2MM impact, scratch, and break-resistant cover glass protects the touch sensor and is optically bonded to the display for enhanced picture quality and durability. Furthermore, the touch surface has been chemically etched for anti-glare, anti-fingerprint performance, and smooth gesturing for a premium user experience with bare hands or surgical gloves. Further customizations to the touch sensor and cover glass are available to fit the end-use application.

Vice President of Engineering

“TI’s medical touch monitors combine the lessons learned from collaborating with design and engineering teams to help bring a wide variety of medical devices to market.”

Prototype and integration of the OFM into any device enclosure or console is simple, with standard VESA mount and adjustable side flange options. Two DisplayPort and two HDMI inputs are tucked behind the monitor to simplify cable management. USB HID-Compliant touchscreen communication ensures plug-and-play operation with Windows or Android operating systems. The brushed aluminum faraday housing fully shields the medical OFM from EMI and can be customized to fit any housing or mount.


TI’s OFX-Series of open-frame touchscreen monitors provide plug-and-play touch solutions that can be customized for any given application providing OEM fit and finish without high upfront engineering costs. The reference design library ranges from 7″ to 55″ and comes in Standard FHD, Medical, 4K, and Sunlight Readable variations. Customization options include custom cover glass design and decoration, SBC or media player integration, anti-microbial coatings, tuning for fluid resistance, peripheral integration, and more.

For more information on the 27-inch OFM-MED multi-touch monitor, click here. For additional information or purchase requests, volume pricing inquiries, and more, contact Touch International today.

About Touch International

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