Touch International Releases 1200-nit 7″ Open-Frame Multi-Touch Monitor

The new sunlight-readable open-frame monitor is the latest drop-in, customizable touchscreen solution for applications in high-ambient lighting or direct sunlight.  

Austin, Texas, December 8, 2022 – Touch International (TI), a global manufacturer of custom touchscreen sensors and display enhancements solutions, has added a 7-inch sunlight-readable open-frame monitor (OFM) to their OFXSeries reference design library. The compact OFM combines TI’s latest multi-touch sensor technology with an industrial-grade high-bright display enclosed in a bezelfree aluminum housing. It is a turn-key solution for integrating touchscreen capabilities into devices used in environments where high ambient lighting or direct sunlight can be a visually limiting factor. 

The 7-inch OFM features a 10241024×600 WSVGA (Wide Super Video Graphic Array) resolution display rated at 1200nits high brightness with a -20° to 70° C operating temperature range. The rugged display allows for operation in a multitude of indoor and outdoor functions, such as industrial controls, navigation systems, heavy-duty transport vehicles, marine controls, and public-use terminals deployed across varying climates and lighting extremes. Other display features include an 800:1 native contrast ratio, wide-angle viewing technology, and 16.7-million color support. 

TI integrates the display with their multi-touch PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touchscreens using a full-optical bond. Optical bonding eliminates the air gap between the touchscreen and LCD, maximizing the display picture quality and the backlight performance while increasing product durability. Another rugged enhancement to the OFM is the chemically strengthened cover glass that protects the touch display from the end-users and environmental exposure. The cover glass features a thin black graphic border and enough overhang to drop into any product design with a seamless, zero-bezel fitting. 

The black powder-coated aluminum housing features rear VESA mounting compatibility with adjustable side flanges for integration into cabinets, consoles, walls, and other application enclosures. HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs are tucked behind the monitor to simplify cable management. Touchscreen communication is handled via USB HID-Compliant protocol to ensure plug-and-play operation with Windows or Android operating systems. 


Open-frame monitors in TI’s OFX-Series reference design library range from 7” to 55” in various resolutions; customization options include night-vision (NVIS) or dual-mode operation, SBC or media player integration, anti-microbial coatings, gloved touch, custom cover glass shape or decoration, and peripheral integration. 

For more information on the 7-inch sunlight-readable multi-touch monitor, click here. For additional information or purchase requests, volume pricing inquiries, and more, contact a sales representative!

About Touch International

Touch International (TI) is a global manufacturer of professional-grade custom touch screen and display solutions. Since 2002, TI has become a world leader in high-reliability markets, including militarymedicalaerospaceheavy-duty transportretail and public use, and other industrial markets. The company operates its corporate headquarters and design center in Austin, Texas, and has three high-capacity manufacturing centers in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, China, and Bangalore, India. For more information on the company and its capabilities, visit