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Industries around the world are facing production challenges due to an unprecedented global microchip shortage. Goldman Sachs determined 169 industries have been critically impacted by the shortage – from automotive, home appliances, breweries, and even soap manufacturing.  Businesses requiring microchips and related components for production now face substantial cost and lead-time increases, including Touch International […]


Touch International Releases Medical 23.8″ 4K Multi-Touch Open Frame Touch Monitor

Austin, Texas, Feb 2, 2021 – Touch International (TI), a global leader in touchscreen display solutions, has released their new medical-compliant 23.8” 4K high-bright ultra-wide color gamut open frame multi-touch PCAP monitor. The plug-and-play monitors feature USB-touch connectivity and broadcast color picture quality and can be customized for a wide range of commercial or industrial applications.

LCD MARKET ALERT: Prices Rising!

Buckle up, World. 2021 is coming in hot. A global shortage of driver ICs has display pricing going up. Here’s what we’re doing to secure the supply chain.