Self-healing Films

Touch Screen Devices Heal Like Living Organisms?

Touch screen devices with self-healing capabilities may become the new standard in the near future. Who wouldn’t want a phone or tablet that could heal itself? Seems like magic.

Well, it’s not magic nor is it new technology, but it is not yet common. Self-healing films are considered “smart” materials which are able to self-repair after damages such as daily wear. This is similar to how living organisms are able to heal after being injured (although without the scars). So, the film is like a protective layer of skin for devices, but better than skin since it is replaceable. Film with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) can be applied by the touch screen user. When the film is at the end of its life-cycle a user can simply peel the film off the smartphone or touch screen surface and reapply a new layer of film. Some self-healing films also have an anti-smudge (AS) effect which makes fingerprints less visible and easier to wipe off the surface. Screens can always look brand new.

For now, there are different coatings available to enhance the durability and wear of a touch screen.
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