Free Technology Seminar: Projected Capacitive Touch – The BIG Picture

The Inside Scoop on Today’s Hottest Touch Technology from Touch International and the SID Texas Chapter in a free Technology Seminar

Austin, TX – March 15, 2011 – Touch technology is taking over electronic devices worldwide and one of Austin’s own manufacturers is playing a big role in the future of interactivity. Hosting the free touch technology seminar, Projected Capacitive Touch – The BIG Picture, Austin touch screen manufacturer, Touch International, and the Society for Information Display (SID) Texas Chapter are gearing up to give tech enthusiasts the inside scoop on today’s hottest touch screen technology.

Friday, April 1 at 5:30 PM CST, Touch International will host approximately 60 technology professionals and SID Texas chapter members from around the state, at its Austin, TX headquarters location, for an evening of networking, learning and more. Exploring the growth and development of projected capacitive touch technology, as well as trends in interactivity, this open-to-the-public event will supply attendees with

“We are excited and honored to partner with the Texas SID Chapter for this event and hope to share new knowledge and understanding with our guests that will better equip them for changes and developments in the world of touch screen technology,” says Michael Woolstrum, Touch International CEO.

Topics covered include transparent conductive materials, projected capacitive touch screens, multi-touch controllers and multi-touch software. For speaker and program information, or to download the webinar, visit

To learn more about SID, visit

About Touch International
Touch International, headquartered in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2002 by Michael Woolstrum and long-time veteran, Gary Barrett, the company’s CTO. TI has become a world leader in touchscreen, EMI filter, and enhanced display technology. The company operates its engineering and design facility and corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas as well as a high volume production facility is located in Shenzhen, China.