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The Evolution of Touch Screen Cover Glass

Necessity is the mother of invention. It is rumored that the first version of the Apple iPhone™ had a plastic cover made from the same material used in touch panels for decades. However, after a few weeks in the jeans pocket of Steve Jobs, the touch screen was so badly scratched (possibly from other pocket […]

Projected Capacitive Borders

Wise Words from a Touch Screen Engineer By L. Gaulin — Rockstar Touchscreen Engineer Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Technology and Borders  With the advent and ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, projected capacitive (PCAP) touch sensors are becoming more prevalent every day. This prevalence is leading more and more product development teams to look […]

LCD Display Product Lifecycle

TECH TALK: DISPLAY (LCD) PRODUCT LIFE by Shaun Detmer, Director of Marketing I have a project coming up that needs a touch display. We know it will use a custom capacitive sensor, and we know the project will need to be in production for 5-7 years, with 3-5 year replacements and repairs. What’s troubling for […]