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Learn about Projected Capacitive Touch in FREE Seminar this Friday!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been SWAMPED lately! I guess people just can’t get enough touch technology! With that being said, if YOU cannot get enough of touch, Touch International is hosting a FREE touch technology seminar, in conjunction with the Society for Information Display (SID) Texas Chapter, covering projected capacitive touch. It will […]

Haptic Response in Mobile Devices

Provide a new way to interact with phones and network services that can be as powerful and useful as the sense of touch itself Improve user performance (speed and accuracy) and reduce complication and stress Increase user satisfaction – people prefer tactile feedback on their mobile phone interactions Enhance the subscriber experience by making phones […]

Free Seminar! Projected Capacitive Touch – The BIG Picture

Join Touch International and the SID Texas Chapter, Friday, April 1st for an evening of learning, networking and more. Exploring the growth and development of projected capacitive touch technology, as well as trends in interactivity, this seminar is designed to give you the full picture on how today’s most popular touch screens work. Topics include capacitive touch sensors, transparent […]