Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Solutions

Touch International’s MulTI-Touch projected capacitive touchsensors deliver interactive solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications including military, medical, aerospace and industrial. We were the first to develop projected capacitive touchscreens for the aerospace industry and have unmatched experience when it comes to challenging applications.

Since the iPhone exploded on the market in 2007, multi-touch projected capacitive technology has forever changed the way we interact with machines and people alike. Pinch, Zoom, Flick, Scroll, do it all with our custom MulTI-Touchscreens. With a myriad of substrate choices and endless stack-up options – we can engineer the ultimate solution for your project. Finish it off with custom cover glass and graphics for a refined product that puts you miles ahead of your competition. From land navigation systems, ATMs or handheld medical devices, Touch International’s touch technologies deliver outstanding optics and unmatched durability.