4, 5, 8-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

What We Offer

Touch International designs and manufactures low-cost 4-wire, 5-wire and 8-wire resistive pressure sensing touchscreens in a wide range of sizes to satisfy your interactive requirements. Our industry-proven resistive touch technologies allow for input versatility and low power draw, making them a good choice for many applications. Our pressure sensing resistive touchscreens are easily sealable to prevent contamination from water, grease, dirt, dust, oil and most harsh chemicals and are also NEMA sealable. Whether it is input flexibility, enhanced optics or improved durability, Touch International’s resistive touchscreens can be customized to meet your specifications.

4-Wire Resistive

Touch International’s 4-Wire Resistive products are perfect for mobile or portable products where compact size and low power draw is a priority – such as PDAs, GPSs, smartphones and other hand-held applications. Our pressure sensing 4-wire resistive touchscreens are cost effective and allow for input versatility with bare or gloved fingers and any pointing device.

Backed by a one-year warranty and 5 million touches in a single location, Touch International’s 4-Wire resistive touchscreens allow for ease of integration and use.

5-Wire Resistive

Touch International’s 5-Wire touchscreens are ideal for high volume applications requiring versatile input methods found in point-of-sale (POS), industrial control and medical equipment markets. Its durability, responsiveness, and affordability have made the 5-wire touchscreen our most popular touch panel.

Backed by a five-year warranty and 35 million touches in a single location, our 5-wire touchscreens are easy to integrate and are the most durable resistive touchscreens.

8-Wire Resistive

Touch International’s 8-wire resistive touchscreens operate like 4-wire touchscreens but have an additional four sensing points which allow for better accuracy and linearity in larger touchscreen sizes. Because of its input flexibility, low power draw, accuracy, and low cost, our 8-wire resistive touchscreen is a good choice for many interactive applications.

Backed by a two-year warranty and 5 million touches in a single location, Touch International’s 8-wire touchscreens are easy to integrate and maintain accuracy.