What is the difference between liquid optical bonding and dry optical bonding?

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Liquid Vs Dry Optical Bonding Process

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Military Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Compatible Gloves


Just got news that the United States Department of Defense – Special Operations Forces has approved AnyGlove’s new product. If you haven’t heard about their products yet, AnyGlove has developed a revolutionary solution that allows any type of glove to be compatible with projected capacitive technology – which has been a challenge in the military and other rugged environments. After applying the formula to any type of glove, the user is able to operate any p-cap sensor as normal. Whether you are engaging in a leisure activity or job that requires gloves, anyone from delivery truck drivers to motorcycle enthusiasts can use any glove they prefer with touch screens in any environment during any season of the year.

With the final approval from the Special Operations Forces, this opens up the window for many opportunities. It has been a challenge for the military to adapt projected capacitive touch screens, like Touch International’s MulTI-Touch sensors, into everyday use. Further enabling p-cap in these harsh environments, even with this “band-aid” approach, is certainly a step in the right direction. AnyGlove has been successfully tested on many types of gloves – from lightweight liners, sports gloves, motorcycle gloves, even heavy duty work gloves.

For more info on AnyGlove check out AnyGlove.com.

What other hurdles have you faced trying to implement projected capacitive touch?

Touch International Brings the “WoW” Factor to Display Week

Touch screen and display manufacturer emphasizes custom capabilities for unique applications.

Austin, TX – May 14, 2013 – Touch International announced today its plan to bring back the “WoW” (Weird or Wacky) factor to Display Week 2013. Known for tackling designs for specialized industries, TI will be showcasing product solutions such as 11mm cover glass, multi-touch with water immunity and curved projected capacitive in booth #1235 at the exhibition on May 21-23 in Vancouver, Canada.

“As the technology evolves, specialized industries are daring to dream when they design their next generation products,” explains Touch International CEO, Michael Woolstrum. “They want their products to stand out with custom cover lenses, curved surfaces and be able to go where no touch screen has gone before.”
The Austin-based company is a cutting-edge touch screen and display enhancement provider to leading device manufacturers in the military, medical, aerospace and transportation industries. Providing a unique experience, Display Week attendees will have the opportunity to visit TI the Touch Screen Guys in booth #1235 for a hands-on experience with product demos and static samples and take a moment to converse with members of the top-notch veteran team.

About Touch International
Touch International is the leading manufacturer of specialty touch screens and display enhancement windows, and is the largest touch producer in North America. The company is world-renowned for its expertise in optically clear touch panels, EMI filter technologies, and custom touch screen designs for military, aerospace, medical, transportation and retail applications. Touch International was the first to produce the Apple iPhone-type projected capacitive touch screen, and also builds resistive sensors and glass filter products used in touch screens, display windows, anti-reflective and anti-vandal filters.
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